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WORKSHOPS: Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the workshops?

Most are 3 hours total, running from 1.30pm – 4.30pm (with a short break approximately half way through).

The exceptions are the Summer (August) and Xmas (December) Workshops which run for 5 hours total from 11.30am – 4.30pm to include extra time for lunch (there is an additional charge for lunch).

When should I arrive?

We’ll be starting promptly at 1.30pm, so please arrive in good time with this in mind.

If you have yet to fill in one of our PAR-Q forms (see below), please arrive at least 10 mins early.


Can I pay on the day?

No, sorry. Workshops need to be booked and paid for in full and in advance please. This is partly to ensure we don’t exceed the number of spaces we have available to keep you safe and offer you the best workshop experience we can; and partly to

discourage ‘no shows’ (people that have booked in but don’t turn up) which prevent others on a waiting list wishing to attend

from being able to attend.

Do I need to bring anything?

Mats and other props will be provided. However, you may bring your own mat if you prefer.

We suggest you bring a water bottle to ensure you stay well hydrated. There is drinking water at the venue and we will also provide bottled water.


There is currently no café at this venue, although there are vending machines. We will be providing light refreshments during the break. However, you know your body best: you may wish to bring a small light snack if you think you will need something


Some workshops will include a period of stillness for relaxation, please bring a blanket – or anything else for your comfort or warmth - if required.



What should I wear?

Please wear clothes that you can move easily and comfortably in. Bare feet are preferable, except for T'ai Chi for which soft, flat shoes are ideal. If you prefer socks, the type that have non-slip pads on the bottom of them are best (we will be working on mats, or the studio's wooden floor). If you need to wear shoes for medical reasons (e.g. diabetes/orthotics use etc.) please wear shoes that are as light as possible with as thin and flexible sole as is possible for you.

The Studio temperature is generally warm, however this can sometimes vary depending on the outside temperature. Please wear layers, including something warm for when we are moving less, to ensure you keep your body temperature at an

ideal level.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely you can! But they will need to book themselves in too please as our numbers are limited to ensure you receive the optimum experience at your workshop.

What will we be doing at the workshops?

Each workshop has a different focus. Body Balance Workshops will focus on specific themes and we will be working more deeply in to certain sequences in the current class/release choreography.

Other workshops are focussed on a specific area of the body (e.g. Hips & Knees) or movement type (e.g. T’ai Chi/ChiGong/

Relaxation etc.) - see 2019 WORKSHOPS PAGE in MENU for details. Please also feel free to contact us if you would like further details.

What if I can’t do it all?

Obviously we don’t necessarily yet know your exact situation, but our workshops are designed to be suitable for most levels of fitness and mobility because we offer you modifications to the movements where necessary to suit your current situation if

you find any of them too challenging.

We might encourage you to try new things, but having said that, if you feel the need to sit out at any time, as long as you keep warm, we are also happy for you to do this.

Body Balance Workshops are the only possible exception to the above. A moderate to intermediate mobility and fitness level is advised* to enable you to get the best workshop experience as well as value for your money.


*You are still welcome to attend if your fitness and mobility levels are lower than this however if you choose. We will offer modifications and keep you safe, however there may be parts of the workshop that you don’t find appropriate for yourself. If in doubt, feel free to contact us so we can suggest the best workshops for you.

I’ve got an injury, can I still come?

If you are currently injured and wish to attend a workshop we ask you to please contact us on to discuss your injury and whether the workshop/s you have chosen is/are suitable and safe for you, prior to booking, thank you.


Please be that we may advise that you do not attend with certain injuries, or that a different workshop may be more suitable for you in your current situation.


Having said this, it is still possible to come along with certain injuries, as we will utilise our experience, training and expertise working with injury rehabilitation and remedial movement therapy to offer you modifications and support where needed. However, please be advised that in this situation we may suggest there are certain moves you don’t do.

How do I know the movement practice will be safe for me?

We consider your health and safety at our ‘Moved to Move’ classes, workshops and sessions to be our highest priority.

As well as being qualified Fitness Instructors we are Soft Tissue Therapists familiar with working with remedial movement therapy, minor musculoskeletal injuries rehabilitation, and sports, clinical and remedial massage therapy.


Micky is also a qualified ‘GP Exercise Referral’ Fitness Instructor and T’ai Chi Instructor and Suzi is training to be an Older Adults Fitness Coach.

We are both fully insured to practice for the above disciplines and members of relevant bodies and registers to ensure we keep optimum professional working standards and codes of conduct.


In addition you will be emailed a ‘PAR-Q’ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) form to fill in prior to attending this workshop to indicate to us whether movement practice is safe for you.

What do I do if I can’t come after all?

We appreciate plans change sometimes, however we consider your paid booking to be your commitment to attending your chosen workshop(s) so we are unable to offer a refund if you decide not to come (please read Ts&Cs prior to booking).

If you have a genuine emergency or illness (which we also appreciate happens at times) which means you are sincerely unable to attend we ask you respectfully to please let us know by email or text with at least 24 hrs (but preferably 48hrs ) notice

so we can remove your name from our bookings list to give someone else who would like to attend the chance to be able to come along. In these circumstances we will do our best to rebook you in to an alternate workshop, subject to spaces being available.

We hope this answers any questions you may have about our Workshops, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries or concerns. Many Thanks.

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