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Totnes, Devon, UK


Heard about our Moved to Move 2019 Weekend Workshop Series?


You have now!


Perhaps you already enjoy your Moved to Move SlowFlow, Flow or T'ai Chi classes, or Les Mills Body Balance classes with us? Or maybe you attend a Pilates, yoga, Body Balance or another movement class elsewhere but want to add in something new?

Do you want to work a little deeper to gain a greater understanding or 'feel' of movements, transitions or poses? Or find out a little more about your anatomy at work?  

You're not alone if you have an ongoing niggling injury, or area of 'tightness' (restricted movement), and are unsure as to what it’s safe to do in your regular classes or how to find relief from this? Whilst we address all these issues in our Moved to Move classes, we know there are a lot of classes out there that don't. 

Or perhaps the idea of a Sunday afternoon's movement-to-music in the studio, with a group of like-minded people, and a couple of passionate and inspiring teachers, just sounds like the perfect end to the weekend (or preparation for the week ahead)?

You can choose from our Workshop series individually, buy bundles of 4 (for a great rate), or choose the whole lot (for best rate).

Dates are as follows:                                                                              A brief outline of each workshop type can be found here:

(You can print and/or download these pdfs if you wish to.)

Workshops are 3 hours long with a brief tea-break in the middle (refreshments will be provided) with the exception of the Summer and Xmas Social/Workshop Events (open to Moved to Move members/participants/students/clients only) which are 5 hours, including lunch.

Beginners welcome.

You can CONTACT US HERE - or by using the buttons below - for any enquiries, further questions or to book:



FAQs can be found HERE.

Investment rates and booking information are HERE.

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