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Do YOU want to Move More Easily,
Get More Active & Enjoy Life More?!

MOVED TO MOVE supports adults in taking responsibility for their own health & well-being.

We design and deliver movement classes, 1;1 or group exercise programmes and Soft Tissue Therapy treatment and rehabilitation plans to educate, support and empower you so you are able to move more easily, get more active and enjoy life more.


We are passionate about promoting awareness of the vital role that movement plays in creating, maintaining and improving physical and mental health to give you a better, happier lifestyle.

We run various classes, courses and workshops suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels.

We also however recognise that there is currently a significant lack of adequate provision of guided movement/exercise opportunities for certain groups of people (i.e. with lower levels of fitness, mobility and activity for whatever reason) in the public fitness and leisure sector, and in the community in general, and we are aiming to address this with the selection of options we offer.

Are YOU Moved to Move?
Here is how WE CAN HELP YOU...

You are feeling frustrated that you can't move as well as you used to. Maybe you have concerns about what this might mean for you as you get older.

You may have health conditions or an injury that make other fitness classes too challenging, strenuous or

tiring for you.


You'd like to get more active - or you've been told you need to get more active! - but you're not sure where to start and you can't find a movement or exercise class that you feel you'd be able to do or enjoy.


You're fed up with niggling stiffness or aches and pains that stop you moving, sleeping or working comfortably. Maybe this or something else makes you feel stressed.


Any or all of these things are getting in the way of you enjoying the life you love, or would love to have.


You want some expert help to support you in finding more ease and comfort in both body and mind, as well as someone to explain why this is happening and what you can do about it to change things.


You know you need to make some big changes in your life to keep healthy and active, now and for the future.

You are committed to doing everything you can to find relief from stiffness and pain and get moving more freely and easily.

You may or may not have an ongoing health condition, or be recovering from injury, but you know you need support from a team of professionals who are ready to offer you movement training, soft tissue therapy work, motivation and encouragement to help you reach your goals.

This is What Our Clients Are Saying...

This is a brilliant class. My ability and movement has improved beyond any expectation. After spinal surgery and a new hip I was despondent about any active future until I found this wonderful class. Individual attention and finding your own level to work to must be the outstanding aspects of Suzi and Mick's teaching. I couldn't recommend Moved to Move more highly. Since I've been coming to classes with Suzi & Micky I can get up off the ground without having to lean on a chair or find something to help me get up. That's a wonderfully freeing feeling.                                                                                                                                     Rita, Retired Nurse

I wanted to loosen up my joints and just do something that wasn't too painful

The reason I came to Micky & Suzi's class was because I felt I was getting a bit stiffer. I've turned 60 and, knowing what my Mum has been through, I wanted to loosen up my joints and just do something that wasn't too painful. When I first came along I was just so pleased that Micky & Suzi were so very welcoming. And by the end of the class I felt like I'd really achieved something.The other big thing was balance. I always thought I couldn't balance, and it was something Mum always suffered with, but after a few classes I found I am a really good balancer!                                                                                                                            Sarah C  Celebrant

My ability and movement has improved beyond any expectation.

I highly recommend the (Soft Tissue Therapy) work of Suzi Read. Suzi's clear technical knowledge with regards to both muscle and nervous system means her practice is effective; she allows for individualisation of her therapy by really listening to what her client wants and adapting accordingly; and her personal style results in a very pleasant session because she is down to earth, realistic and fun. I would definitely recommend her to friends, family and colleagues within the health service.                               Dr Caroline D Director of Public Health, Torbay Council


She (Suzi) allows for individualisation of her therapy by really listening to what her client wants and adapting accordingly

I was becoming scared of steps.

I've had one hip replacement and now my other one hurts. I was worried about losing my balance and was becoming scared of steps. Coming along to Suzi and Micky's ('SlowFlow') classes have really helped my balance and confidence. My muscles get tense and knotty and sore and the massage really helps with this.                                                                                   Fiona R., Author

CHSF IMAGES 3 OCT 2017 copy_edited.jpg

I highly recommend this to all levels and abilities

Relaxed atmosphere, friendly, knowledgable instructors, great class ('SlowFlow') structure and wonderful music. I highly recommend this to all levels and abilities.                                                                                                                                                                 Debbie MW   Personal Trainer

Debbie MW slowflow.jpg
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