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Music Makes Us Moved to Move

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Most of know that music makes us Moved to Move!

We've generally experienced what a strong influence or impact music can have on us.

It can affect us in a variety of ways making us feel energised, sleepy, sad or upbeat, and anything else along the way.

The impact of music can move us both emotionally AND physically.

Dr Costas I. Karageorghis is an internationally renowned researcher in to the effects of music in exercise and sport. Featured in The Times and National Geographic, and with many articles and papers published, his most recent book is called 'Applying Music in Exercise and Sport'.

He states in a document *:

"There is a growing body of scientific work addressing the positive effects that music can have on physical exercise;"

...going on to say that,

"...such effects are often magnified in the case of older adults."

In this paper, he refers to the four main positive influences/benefits music can have on the mind-body relationship during exercise:

1. Music alters emotional and physical arousal states. So it can help you get in to the swing of things. Or calm you down.

2. Good music can become a focus of attention whilst exercising (especially at low to moderate movement intensity) which reduces perceived exertion rates. You feel like you're not working as hard as you are! So you enjoy your exercise experience more and feel less tired.

3. The rhythm in music regulates our movement and has been shown to make us use energy more efficiently (via a mechanism called 'neuromuscular efficiency').

4. Music has positive impacts on learning and maintaining motor skills, movement patterns and co-ordination. This may be due to the rhythm, the 'flow', the tune, the lyrics, or all of these combined. It's also due to the fact that, generally, music makes exercise more fun and relaxed: an ideal learning environment.

Music CHOICE is obviously important.

Choose your favourite music to dance, move or relax to. At home. Or out and about.

Or find a class offering you movement to music you like.

[And if you're one of the few people who DON'T like taking your exercise to music, and would rather keep the two separate - and we've come across one or two - fair enough! We totally understand. Everyone has their preferences. It's important that exercise is enjoyable, so an Exercise to Music class is probably not for you!]

* Dr Costas I. Karageorghis, PhD, CPsychol, CSci, FBASES, AFBPsS: 'Music makes you move it so that you never lose it!' This document forms part of coursework material in 'Move It or Lose It' FABS Instructor training.

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